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FREE Kindle Edition ~ 'The Joy of Living for Jesus'

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

FREE Kindle Edition

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Many Christian women in today’s society feel burdened and overwhelmed. They’ve lost their joy in Christ. And that joy has been replaced with feelings of frustration and emptiness. How can busy, overwhelmed women achieve enduring joy? What are the secrets of lasting, glorious, inexpressible joy?

From many years of research and study, this book reveals the biblical secret to joy: God gives joy to those who live pleasing to Him. It is the emotional result of true holiness and intimacy with Christ. Author Katie Hoffman leads women back home to Christ and the joy He alone gives.

Transform your thinking and experience daily joy beyond what seems possible. The Bible speaks about multiple things a person can do “right”, actions a person can and should take, and wraps those actions up with a direct and specific promise of joy. That is absolutely fascinating. God specifically tells us in His Word exactly what actions, what accomplishments, what right things will result in joy.

This book looks at 22 of those things.
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