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FREE Kindle Edition ~ 'Streams of Living Water for a Thirsty Soul'

Monday, January 14, 2013

FREE Kindle Edition

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Discouraged? Depressed? In Despair? Do you wonder if you’ll make it? If there will ever be brighter days?

Almost everyone experiences emotional dryness. Some go from one desert to another. Others spend most of their lives in the wilderness. No matter what the cause, we share common feelings and questions along on our journey.

"Why am I going through this difficult time?" "I feel so alone." "Where is God?" "Does He love me?"

Throughout the simple and direct devotionals in Streams of Living Water, Elsie Brunk offers understanding, hope, and encouragement for the weary wanderer seeking God’s presence, love, and help. Through this brief but powerful meditations readers are drawn to God’s Word and learn how He provides refreshing “water” as we travel along the uncertain and often frightening paths of tough times, testing and insecurity.
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