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FREE Kindle Edition ~ 'Get Your Aim Right'

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

FREE Kindle Edition

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"There is a difference between aiming and aiming right. Dr. Corey L. Brown not only understands that difference but will, in a very pragmatic and biblical way help you to Get Your Aim Right. You will not just learn, but you will learn and grow. You will know—grow—show when you read Get Your Aim Right. " --Dr. Samuel R. Chand, Author of "Cracking Your Church's Culture Code"

"Developing a devotional discipline is increasingly difficult for this fast paced culture, full of never ending obligations. Dr. Corey Brown helps you to quickly hit your devotional target: a passion for God, a pursuit of a life of obedience and a clear discernment regarding the purpose for our pressures that are of many varieties as intimated by the Apostle Paul. A reader will find these daily readings biblically sound, and richly inspirational. Dr. Brown's skill of weaving biblical truth and real life situations is nothing short of anointed. Your life will be enriched, blessed, and equipped by this much needed devotional contribution." --Dr. William H. Curtis, Senior Pastor of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church in Pittsburgh, PA

"Get Your AIM Right is as clear and concise as it is accessible and powerful. Designed as a devotional for the entire year, it provides essential spiritual instruction for any person seeking to find and maintain a positive direction in life. As both a pastor and an author, Dr. Corey Brown aims with laser-like precision on those challenges and choices that comprise a successful life. Empowering! Enlightening! A Must Read." --Dr. Lance D. Watson, Senior Pastor of The Saint Paul's Baptist Church in Richmond, VA
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