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FREE Bible App ~ YouVersion ~ A MUST-Have!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Read God’s Word in any of 245 languages and 450+ translations. 
Download a FREE offline version and read anytime, anywhere
 — even when you don’t have an Internet connection.

With audio Bibles, the Bible App can read to you on the go, 
whether you're commuting, exercising, working, even reading along.
 Listen to select Bible versions in English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish!

Whatever you’re reading in the Bible, 
the Bible App makes it easy to share with friends.

Clips from The Bible and The Lumo Project 
bring biblical stories and concepts to life. 
Or watch the JESUS film right in the Bible App
now in six languages, with more to come!

(c) YouVersion ~ http://www.youversion.com

Best Bible app ever!!  Use it EVERY day!!

Best of all; it's FREE!!

Love, love, love!!!

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