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FREE Kindle Edition - God the Father - 4 Week Bible Study

Friday, May 10, 2013

FREE Kindle Edition

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God the Father - Four Week Mini Bible Study

Part One: The Holy Trinity Parenting Series

God the Father is very much misunderstood. There is a lot of anger, bitterness, and hatred towards Him. Often we tend to embrace the grace given to us by Jesus, and the power given to us by the Holy Spirit, but we reject the unconditional love given to us by the Father.

This book is not a play by play of how to parent your children. Written from a mom living in the trenches of raising three beautiful, spirited children, this book reflects on the lessons taught about God the Father through those tough moments of discipline and confusion in this mother's life.

Now you can journey along this path with her and hopefully as you do your perspective of the God the Father will be renewed, and you will begin to see the lessons given to you by God through parenting.
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