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FREE Kindle Book ~ 'Romancing the King'

Friday, November 29, 2013

FREE Kindle Book 

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Intimacy with your Lord is a close, personal relationship where you can openly share with each other private information. To gain access to the splendor of His Kingdom, you must establish a relationship with the King. Romancing the King shows you how to enter His presence.

You will explore:
God’s glory through friendship and fellowship.
The nature and character of God.
Practical steps about how to spend time with Him.
Your purpose and destiny.
The intimate details necessary to enter the deepest level of worship.

You will be drawn into a divine romance with the King of the universe as you examine the disciplines of fasting, prayer, worship and praise, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit—all working together to deepen the romance between you and your God.

Each chapter concludes with several Points to Ponder, giving you the opportunity to experience fully all of God’s peace and love as you Romance the King!
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